A punctured front tire went awol! As Mana made a left turn into the middle of traffic around Pasig perhaps, a sidewalk vendor pointed at her right front tire and shouted, “Take it to the gas station and change your tire! It’s punctured! We were on our way to Good Year tire center to buy a new tire. But the way the puncture looked, we couldn’t possibly make it. So, turned into we did to the gas station and asked the attendant to change it. We went to Good Year, but, alas, the place was closed!  What a wonderful world! So, Mana googled another tire center and we found one in Pasig across from Tiendesitas shopping center; it was located in the parking lot of SM Hypermarket, and luckily, the price was very reasonable, so we got two immediately put in.  I felt really relieved especially because we were driving to Batangas the next day: me to attend a golden wedding anniversary in San Pascual and Mana and her friends were driving to San Juan to celebrate her birthday. All is well that ends well.👍

My wonderful world🌵🍄🍂

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